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is the Director of Community Outreach for NELA, where her tendencies towards connection and networking are put to great use. She has been teaching for over 30 years and has been kinky just as long. Bendy is committed to serving community and to creating safe spaces in which people may learn and grow. Her teaching style is humorous and interactive: just like she. Bendy is a lover of rope, deep impact, sensation, takedowns, and having fun! She’s been going into trance states since kindergarten and finds S/M to be a powerful catalyst for cultivating alternate states of consciousness and creating pathways towards spiritual awakening and self-realization. A full-time teacher, just about any workshop you take from Bendyogagirl at a sex-positive event, you might find yourself taking at work. All of Bendy’s curricula are heavily influenced by the decades she has been practicing Taoism, and yet she will frequently invoke the wisdom of Jung, Buddha, various physicists and even her parents and friends. Bendy can be located online at,, – and you can email her at – you guessed it –

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