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I’m fond of saying – “I’m the Domme you can take home to your mom.” I’ve spent my personal & professional lives focused on learning what makes people tick as well as how to influence their behavior. Successfully navigating the vanilla and BDSM worlds via these insights, I’ve been an active part of the public kink scene since 2006. I have found the friendships and relationships I’ve made in the BDSM world to be among the most warm and wonderful in my life. Female Dominated relationships and Sadism have been a life long part of my sexual expression. I am the proud owner of a sexy Switch Boy, who also happens to be my life partner. I am grateful every day that I have found a home, a family and fallen in love. Along the way, I have learned a great many things as a person, a kinkster, a community member, a Leather Family member, a mentor, event host & officer of the world’s oldest kink organization. I’d like to share these insights with you to help you make your experience in the scene the best it can be. If you have a question about how to navigate a sticky social situation, please ask. Read Full Profile ...

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