May 092014
Interview with Stefanos & Shay, 2014 International Power Exchange Title Holders

Congratulations on your win! Can you tell us about the competition and a bit about its history & purpose? Thank you, we’re thrilled to have won the title! The International Power Exchange Contest is held annually at Beyond Leather in Florida. The contest is about celebrating the vast diversity of power exchange dynamics in the […]

Bawdy Scratches Our 7 Year Itch!

 Posted by on March 6, 2014
Mar 062014
Bawdy Scratches Our 7 Year Itch!

This week the storytelling powerhouse “Bawdy” celebrated its 7th year anniversary and if you were at the celebration events you’d have seen why! By consistently presenting real life sexy & hilarious stories (and storytellers) coupled with the super dynamic hostess, Dixie, the event has developed a cult following. There are audience members that come back […]

Oct 242013
"Sexual freedom is a fundamental human right" - Woodhull Conference 2013

“Sexual freedom is a fundamental human right” – this mantra was the theme of Woodhull Alliance’s 2013 Sexual Freedom Summit, held this past September just outside of Washington DC.  The Alliance is an organization that unites disparate groups and people who fight for greater sexual freedom, whether their fights are in courts or classrooms, in […]

BDSM in Mainstream Media

 Posted by on October 14, 2013
Oct 142013
BDSM in Mainstream Media

The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has catapulted BDSM into the mainstream for a new generation, but E.L. James’ bestselling erotic novel is far from the first time kink has made its way into popular culture. From seemingly innocent spankings to highly eroticized scenes of dominance and submission, BDSM has been cropping up in […]

Girl Sex 101 – A Kickstarter Campaign

 Posted by on September 23, 2013
Sep 232013
Girl Sex 101 - A Kickstarter Campaign

Girl Sex 101 combines a road trip story with lesbian sex ed Kickstarting a new book that combines narrative, comics, & practical sex education. 100% funded in 14 days. Written by Allison Moon, illustrated by kd diamond, and featuring 15 sex experts   September 22, 2013 – Think “Zen and the Art of Vulva Maintenance” or On the […]