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Deirdre is a gender studies major at Rhode Island College. She considers herself a sex-positive feminist, writer, and activist. Deirdre is an advocate for talking openly about sexuality, and revolutionizing the way sex education is taught to young people today. She also believes in normalizing many of the hush-hush components of sexuality with her open and assertive nature, as this perspective allows people to be open minded and free to be themselves. One of these causes she is working to normalize is menstruation, something she thinks is either disregarded and not discussed at all or is talked about in a degrading way, and she wants it to be normalized and eroticized rather than stigmatized. Deirdre speaks out on many issues, and hopes to one day teach young people all over the nation, traveling to college campuses and writing books about her passions. She is currently an intern at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, RI. Read Full Profile...

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