Amethyst Wonder



Title: The Lady Amethyst, The Purple Princess

Business/Group: Most associated with Dark Odyssey in DC

Location: DC

Personal Website:

Biography: Amethyst Wonder was spawned from the mind and libido of a then-32-year-old kinkster and self-proclaimed slut as she surfed the internet looking for kindred spirits.

Specialties: Amethyst identifies as a switch though bottoming is very specific in both type of play and accepted tops. Usually seen as Mommy/Big Sister, helper, protector, nurturer, administrator, and/or organizer

Experience: Within the kink & sex-positive community, Amethyst: has worked 8 out of the last 9 Dark Odyssey events (incl. Summer Camp 2010). Beyond that, she has worked in non-profit fundraising, publicity & administration, as a personal assistant, and has organized more events than she can count.

About my column…

“Amethyst’s Adventures in Internet Dating” will chronicle her (and occasionally a few friends’) journeys to find love, sex, and/or companionship online. She hopes to help people learn what not to do in internet dating situations. And if not, she hopes to at least provide a laugh or two.