Name: Bendyogagirl

Title:  Shamanic faery-goddess priestess of poof.

Business/Group: New England Leather Alliance

Location: Boston, MA

Personal Website:


Bendyogagirl is a shamanic, flexible, kinky, masochistic, subversive, submissive with slave-like tendencies who lives to serve.  She has extensive experience with body/mind disciplines including several forms of meditation and yoga, as well as cognitive therapeutic techniques, all of which she has studied for decades.
Currently based in Boston, Bendyogagirl is the Director of Programming for NELA, which produces the Providence Fetish Fair Fleamarket.  In 2012, the Flea had over 3500 attendees.  She also co-founded the pan sexual MAsT chapter in Boston, presents at sex positive events regularly, and is an activist for personal freedom.

Bendy’s current professional practice includes instruction in yoga and meditation and a public speaking practice through which she teaches the same things she teaches kinky folk about breath, body, communication, leadership, and intent .  She also works privately with clients and groups wishing to effect great change in their lives.

Bendy has been actively exploring D/s and authority exchange for over 25 years, and she has a long history with BDSM.  While her proclivities tend towards authority exchange and spiritual awakening through kink over all else, she is a lover of rope, deep impact, sensation, take-downs, and having fun!   You can find Bendyogagirl online in all sorts of places.  Here is a link to all of them.




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