Daddy Vinnie & Lolita Hayes


vin-and-lo-225x300-6545074Title: Daddy/Girl

Business/Group: Members of Club X, San Diego

Location:  San Diego

Personal Website:

Biography: Daddy Vinnie has been in the public BDSM community since 1993. Originally from Los Angeles, he has studied writing and teaching in San Diego, New Mexico, and Kansas. He’s a writer and teacher, runs a popular Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) blog on Tumblr, and has always been a “Daddy-type.” He started in Kansas City with the Adult Hedonistic Society, and since 2006, he has been a member of Club X in San Diego. He met his little girl, Lolita, in February 2012, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  He collared his little girl, appropriately enough, on Father’s Day, 2012.

Lolita has been in the Public BDSM community for over a year and runs a popular DD/lg themed blog on Tumblr. She is pursuing a degree in Clinical Psychology and hopes to work with the alternative lifestyle community. She’s always had a “Little” side but didn’t discover the DD/lg community until 2009. She has felt at home in that community ever since. She has two regressive ages, an 8- to 10-year old “Little” side, and a 12- to 14-year old “Lolita” side. She loves Hello Kitty, ruffles, Polka Dots, bows bows bows, and most of all, Daddy!

Experience:  Daddy Vinnie has a Master’s degree in English and has worked as a writing teacher, writer, and editor at major universities for 28 years. He’s been actively kinky in the BDSM community since 1993.  When he’s not teaching or plying Lolita with gummy worms and blow pops, he runs a popular tumblr blog about DD/lg. With Lolita, he’s active in the Southern California BDSM community moderating discussion groups, co-hosting munches, and presenting workshops about DD/lg and other kinky topics. He lives an openly kinky, polyamorous, DD/lg lifestyle in San Diego.

Lolita Hayes is currently studying Clinical Psychology, with plans to practice in the alternative lifestyle community. When not pestering Daddy for more candy, she balances her busy vanilla life with a kinky polyamorous lifestyle and exploring her little sides. She runs a popular tumblr blog about DD/lg and hosts a popular monthly tinychat party for Littles, among all the other community events she and her Daddy lead. She likes Hello Kitty, ruffles, Polka Dots, bows bows bows, and most of all Daddy!  She turned 8 for the 20th time this past March.


About my column…

A Daddy Dom and His Little Girl This column follows the adventures of Daddy Vinnie and his little girl, Lolita Hayes, a consensual, adult DD/lg relationship. Come along on this pervy yet sex positive journey as they share the intimate details of their taboo age-gap relationship, complete with insight into their poly lifestyle, training a service submissive, age play, pet play, power exchange, regression, and all things DD/lg.