Desmond Ravenstone


Desmond Ravenstone

Moderator, Leather & Grace


Location: Boston MA



Desmond Ravenstone is an openly kinky and polyamorous Unitarian Universalist lay leader, writer, educator and organizer living in Boston, Massachusetts.


Moderator, Leather & Grace

  • primary spokesperson for organization; engage denominational leadership on issues concerning kink-oriented Unitarian Universalists
  • facilitate Steering Committee meetings and discussions
  • coordinate Educational Outreach Committee, developing educational materials and strategies
  • ordinate Crisis Response Committee, addressing concerns of discrimination within UU congregations and/or other institutions

lay leader, Arlington Street Church

  • worship committee, assisting minister and guest preachers with Sunday services
  • preached five sermons, four dealing with sexuality
  • Membership Team, focus on outreach and education
  • delegate to Massachusetts Bay District of UUA, four successive years
  • past Education Coordinator, New England Dungeon Society
  • founding member, Massachusetts Freedom to Marry Coalition
  • founding member, Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry
  • co-authored Massachusetts Declaration of Religious Support For Same-Sex Marriage
  • taught workshops in Boston MA, Portland ME, Bangor ME, Rochester NY, Dallas TX, and New Hampshire
  • author of “Ravishment: The Dark Side of Erotic Fantasy” (Lulu Press), “Taken: A Story of Ravishment” (Lulu Press)
  • blogs on “Ravenstone’s Reflections”; several contributions cited in UU World (magazine of Unitarian Universalist Association)



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