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Heather Cole

Co-blogger, author and freelance writer
Vagina Antics
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Heather grew up in the middle of cow country in a rural, traditional family. She learned how to bake pies, muck out stalls and sew at an early age. She also discovered sex. Once she entered college, Heather began exploring her sexuality in earnest. It wasn’t until she was living on her own, a young professional in a big city, that she discovered kink. Or rather, it tied her up and beat her ass until she finally admitted that it was her dream come true. Scared about what it meant, she did a full turnabout and traded her newfound sexual identity for a marriage of economic stability and stifling control. It took her a long time to wake up and break free. Today Heather is a divorced mother of one, writing and building an empire called Vagina Antics. She has fully embraced her kink and is writing about her ongoing sexual evolution with her best friend and co-blogger. She believes that everyone deserves to have a voice regarding their sexuality, and loves making connections with like-minded people.


Heather graduated from a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania with a degree in Spanish and English. After spending her senior year of college studying abroad in South America, she returned to the US and immediately found work as a waitress. She has worked in a variety of industries since that first gig and her super power is organization and dealing with difficult employers. Four years ago she picked up a pen and hasn’t stopped writing since. Today she is a freelance writer specializing in web content and social media marketing. She’s writing her second urban fantasy novel, in addition to a memoir with her best friend. You can find her every week blogging at Vagina Antics and getting into various trouble around the interwebs.


About My Columns

Kink in the Curves 

Kink in the Curves is about a kinky girl making peace with her size and her sexuality. She writes about her adventures in body acceptance and trying to look fabulous for the next fetish ball while not breaking the budget. Makeup tips, dress suggestions and more, Kink in the Curves proves that size matters, and that’s a damn good thing.

At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads chronicles one woman’s return to Catholicism after a divorce and the realization that she’s kinky. As she shepherds her child into the Catholic education system and joins a new congregation, Heather addresses the trials and tribulations of a black sheep hoping for acceptance in a new fold.