Title: writer, poet, teacher and artist

Location: New York, NY

Personal Website:

Biography: I’m a fem black queer dyke who is new to the world of kink. I have a background in Elementary/Early Childhood Ed but shifting focus on teaching the arts and adult sexual education. I am also a poet and a writer, recently starting my own sex blog entitled “Indigo’s Theory”. I am about liberating every woman’s experience of themselves so that they feel comfortable in their chosen identities. I am always in the inquiry and exploring new possibilities for my sexuality. If there is anyone out there who is new to the community and wondering what its like, feel free to pick my brain.

Specialties: poetry/creative non-fiction writing, sex blogger, aspiring sex educator alongside my partner Sara Vibes


  • Bachelor’s Degree from Hampshire College for Multicultural Theater and Education
  • Experience working in public school classrooms (Elementary to High School)
  • Experience assisting with high school programing at museums and learning centers


About my column…

“Indigo’s Poly Beginnings”