Jay Morgan



Title: The Hippy Rigger of Love

Business/Group: Fit To Be Tied

Location: Missouri

Personal Website: f2btied.com

Biography: Jay has spent his life assuming a variety of roles learning a skill then teaching others. He is now applying that to rope bondage and the kink lifestyle. Jay feels he has a mission to demonstrate to committed monogamous couples how empowering exploring kinky sex in a healthy manner can be for a relationship. He dispenses advice to couples searching for that missing spice in the sensuous dessert of their love-lives.

Jay is continuing his pursuit of a degree in economics and applies the principals of voluntary exchange as it relates to the sex activist community at large. He has a variety of essays published exploring the real and perceived implementation of the word “consent”, in all its connotations.

His significant other Georgia, is his partner, and inspiration who appears in all of Jay’s photography. He and Georgia are preparing a cookbook with a focus on kink and recipes for a healthy sex positive relationship with one or many partners.

Together they form a duo that has a mission to break down the barriers of healthy sexual behavior in committed long term relationships.

Experience: Jay has spent his lifetime as a small business owner, but now, is a full time writer, amateur photographer, rigger, and kink educator. He is one of the founding members of 417Kink; their home BDSM group, and together with his partner Georgia present their recipes for kinky success to local and regional events.

As a writer, Jay has been published in Safeword Magazine, Liberator Online, and was part of the first semester of student bloggers for the Kink Academy. He also provides kink related pearls of delight, social commentary and pervy thoughts on his personal blog. You can also find photo evidence of his kinky adventures with his lovely muse, Georgia. Photos of his rigging and her body have been published in Safeword Magazine, and Liberator Online. In the coming months a bondage photo shoot will be on display at an art exhibit in St. Louis, Missouri.


About my column…

“Romancing The Rope” One half of a monogamous couple happily experiencing life in a poly, kinky, queer world Jay is a white hetero man exploring kink, rope bondage, erotic photography, and developing a healthy lifestyle inside the bedroom and out. Rope bondage and an intense connection with your partner creates new highs and lows to any relationship. But what happens in between the ups and downs ? This column explores this dynamic when two people, deeply in love, embrace the kinky, the queer, and the sadistic, masochistic desires.