Julian Wolf




  • Ms. Rio Grande Leather 2004
  • Ms. New Mexico Pride 2006-2007
  • Egalitarian Sadomaschochistic Dandy


Location: Southwest USA

Personal Website:

Biography: Julian Wolf discovered the world of kink at the turn of the century and quickly found a continuing passion for play and education. In addition to teaching frequently around the country, Julian still serves as advocate, producer and organizer for their local and regional community and is the author of Carnal Conundrums, a Sex Positive Alternative Advice Column running at SaucySW.com. Julian is part of the Kink Academy Faculty, as well as being a sought after performer and MC. For more details on the numerous projects and adventures this egalitarian sadomasochistic dandy, you are welcome to pursue JulianWolf.net.

Specialties: Film and Media Consultant, Alternative Lifestyle Educator for Academic settings, Adult Educator specializing in BDSM and Spirituality, Wordsmith, Event producer and/or organizer, Emcee, Barker, Candle Maker

Experience: Please contact Julian for a Curriculum Vitae and list of references.