Leah Shapiro



Title: Head Rabble Rouser and Kick-Ass Life Coach and the Champion for your Non-Conforming Soul.

Business/Group: Defy the Box & My Kick-Ass LIfe Radio Show

Location: Boston, MA

Personal Website:

Biography: Hi, my name is Leah Shapiro, and I am the Head Rabble Rouser at www.DefytheBox.com and a champion for your non-conforming soul. I help you create a life that gives you the freedom and flexibility to be your ‘freaky’ self while making money doing what you love.

A have always identified as a ‘freak’. I have been part of the BDSM and Kink community since 1997. My tastes and ideas have always strayed outside the mainstream, and for a long time I struggled to ‘fit in’ with my peers at work and in my everyday life. It’s tough when you feel like you can’t discuss big chunks of your life with the people around you. I spent most of my 20’and 30’s feeling very unsatisfied with my life and the options available to me.

I became a life coach in 2003 and discovered that it was very difficult to find a coach who understood my lifestyle and unconventional interests. Everyone was so ‘vanilla’! I decided that it was my job to coach the “freaks” and to support creative, unconventional, non-conforming souls who are tired of pinching off parts of themselves in order to fit in. I teach you how to be 100% YOU, in your full freaky glory, and I show you how to use what makes you different to bring success, fun, and juicy goodness into your life.

When I am not focused on working with clients, building my Empire or hosting My Kick-Ass Dream Life Radio you can usually find me making pottery, playing with my two cats or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. A self admitted hedonist, I am frequently off engaging in pleasurable pursuits and am known to be a mighty temptress.

Specialties: Kick-Ass Life Creation Sessions, Clarity Sessions, Defy the Box Mentor-ship, A Crash Course in Creating Your Kick-Ass Dream Life (Group program), The 3 Steps to Kick-Fears Ass( e-book), Destination Freedom (free bi-monthly e-zine), The Secret to a Life Full of Juicy Goodness (free download)

I’d love to speak to your group.

Pagan, poly, sex-positive, BDSM, Kink, Fetish, swinger, sacred sex, alternative lifestyles…all freaks welcome.


  • Radio Show Host ( Defy the Box Radio) 2009-present (My Kick-Ass Dream Life: 2010- present)
  • Defy the Box : 2008-present
  • Boston Wisdom Coach 2005-2008
  • Wisdom Collective Discussion Group/Community (Group Facilitator) 2004-2009
  • BA in Social Psychology from U-MASS Boston 1994


About my column…

“Flying your Freak Flag” Wisdom and advice around creating & living an unorthodox and fulfilling life from one non-conforming soul to another.