Lucy Lemonade



Title: Sexuality Consultant & Educator, MA

Location: Seacoast NH

Biography: Lucy Lemonade is a Sexuality Consultant and Educator determined to help individuals get in touch with their sexuality and work through sexual problems. Always a proponent of incorporating toys and kink into intimate relations, Lucy presents workshops on choosing the perfect toy and what to to avoid. She participates in gender panels and enjoys discussing gender identity and play. Lucy loves all things girly including reviewing beauty products, but she also plays with her butch side often and loves Irish flat caps.

Experience: Contact for information about consulting and education. Masters in Psychology and Counseling.



About my column…

“Stepford Kink” Being a dominant woman doesn’t always mean black rubber and boots. Stepford Kink is about playing with gender roles and incorporating fun, femininity and color into your kink. Stepford Kink will give you tips on keeping make-up fresh throughout a play party, fashion tips that go beyond black, brushing up on etiquette, throwing an excellent tea party and more!