Mia Martina



Title: Writer, Podcaster, and Producer

Business/Group: I Want Your Sex podcast and BedPost Confessions reading series

Location: Austin, TX

Personal Website: miaontop.com, bedpostconfessions.com

Biography: Mia Martina began her podcast, I Want Your Sex, in March of 2008 as an erotic chronicle of her adventures in the New York City sex party scene. Her short stories detail sexual exploration, relationships, love, and kink in a sexy and honest manner. As one listener raves, “Mia walks the listener through the door and into a bedroom of complex physical bliss and intense emotion.”

After 10 years in New York City, Mia relocated to Austin, TX where she established BedPost Confessions, with three other sex writers. Every month BedPost Confessions brings together a diverse group of people to share stories on sex, sensuality, and the steamy side of life. A podcast version of BedPost Confessions can be found on iTunes.

Through her work, Mia looks to inspire people to explore their sexuality and to be open to new experiences. She has taught workshops on non-monogamy and loves getting listener feedback about people taking bold steps in their sexuality, whatever that means for them.


About my column…

“Do Not Define For Me” will look at cultural institutions, gender, and sexuality, through a feminist lens. But don’t let the F word scare you.