Micah Schneider



Business/Group: I am a member of or on staff for several groups: Transcending Boundaries, The Society, New England Leather Alliance, Western Mass. Power Exchange, Mass. Master’s and Slaves Together, Western Mass. Polyamory and a bunch of others that aren’t terribly relevant to this website.

Location: Western Massachusetts.

Personal Website: transcendingboundaries.com, ourpolyhome.org

Biography: I’m a poly, kinky, pagan, heteroflexible, sex-positive, pro-feminist, almost-forty white male. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, but right now I am a full time graduate student. When I’m done with my program I’ll either be a teacher somewhere or a world famous writer. Or possibly asking you whether you want a “Tall” or a “Venti”. Hopefully not that third one.

Specialties: I’m an activist, and enjoy trying to spread myself too thin to support all of the groups that I belong to. Every now and then I get bored and start a new support group or join the staff of some conference or event. That might make me a masochist in the eyes of some. Usually, it turns out well. I’m a pretty good organizer, so long as it isn’t my own book shelf.

Experience: I’ve been poly for close to twenty years, back before we had the word for it. I’ve been kinky almost as long, but only involved in the public scene for about five or six years. In the last two years or so I’ve started doing presentations for kink or kink friendly
events. I am currently living in a polyamorous household of four adults. Two of us are married to each other legally, and there are kink contracts between two sets of couples, but not the married couple. We’re complicated.