Title: Communication Fetishist, Cat Herder

Business/Group: TotemX Creations

Location: Maine

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    • Biography: Paying the bills requires a day job, but her real passion comes out on the weekends. Over the last decade Morghan has worked in areas including employee training, coaching, sales and education. By bringing these skills to the promotion of kink she has the best of both worlds. You’ll find her supporting balanced BDSM through workshops, discussions and the retail side, vending. Prior ventures include Maine’s TNG group and the creation of Vanilla Twist, an education and discussion group in Portland, Maine. She focuses on facilitating and promoting healthy communities of people and exploring the D/s dynamics possible within BDSM relationships.


      About my column…

      “Herding Cats” Get out the cattle prods. It’s time to Herd Cats.
      Why on earth would anyone want to herd cats? They’re sweet, soft, furry, cute, charming, sensual, pleasant creatures where the male of the species has a barbed penis and sex isn’t so much fun and games as part pit fight and part Klingon Opera. “It ain’t over til its over!” So, herding cats is an attempt to smooth the road on occasion. I like to talk about some people skills to help sexy fun time stay sexy and fun. Spot drama, avoid it, learn from it, and roll on. This way we do the homework first and reap the benefits during the afterglow with fewer worries of “did I – should I – what do I do now!”