Ms Savannah Sly


savannah-sly-300x198-4819952Location: Seattle, WA

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Biography: Savannah Sly is a Pro-Dominatrix by trade and seeker of the spice of life by nature. Sly is ever intrigued by the incredible spectrum of human sexuality and strives to investigate its various practices via hands-on learning, listening, and beholding.

I’m a Toppy kinkster who loves to dish it out. Despite my capacity to be a cruel and commanding, I’m generally a very friendly, polite and playful person. The word “play” defines my approach to kink very well; I intend that exchanges should be fun, amusing and healthy…even if the activities at hand are seemingly contrary to such light heartedness. I love role play and enjoy toying with the personas we take on everyday, in and out of the dungeon. I enjoy being a subtly predatory vixen, a raucous tomboy, a spandex-clad jock hottie, a capable Jill-of-all-Trades, a slave driver, a weirdo, and a variety of other characters.

I’m an outlandish exhibitionist, sensation slut, lecherous fucker, erotic athlete, and natural-born kinkster who seeks exchanges (both personal and professional) that are positive, engaging and mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Specialties: Harnessing submissive men for fun and fright, teasing and torturing, role-play, physical fitness training, balancing precariously (yet confidently) on the tightrope of life.

Experience: Savannah Sly has accumulated more than 5 years experience as a Pro-Dominatrix, 7 years labor as a well-rounded erotic professional and 26 years of lifespan as a proactively sex-curious creature. Sly is a practitioner of yoga, fitness and body wellness and is a certified trainer in kickboxing and boxing, Sly’s DIY approach to education and disdain for student loans has resulted in several years at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, some time at Yale’s Graduate Painting Program and countless workshops, collaborations, internships, identities and forms of employment.

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