Ms Selina Minx



Location: Los Angeles, Ca. for the moment.

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Biography: Ms. Minx is a lifetime kinkster, with a passion for deep psychological play. She has been featured in numerous magazines and tv programs, including HBO’s Real Sex and Sex Bytes, Leg Show, <O>, Instep, Reason, New Witch, Spheres, Gothic Beauty and Marquis. She has inspired photographic artists such as Eric Kroll, Michael Helms and Ken Marcus, and even had a book published about her exploits as a domina. As a sex educator she has spoken at local colleges on the subject of alternate sexuality, and at local high schools on the subject of female empowerment. Her most recent endeavor includes a video series exploring her personal fetishes and kinks which is available at

Specialties: good old fashioned power exchange, sm, ds, mind control and hypnosis, bondage, sensory dep, slave and slut training

Experience: Ms. Minx has been active in the sm scene since 1994, and an author since way before that. Ms. Minx has been writing a monthly full moon column for the last 3 years, and is in prepublication for her book about magick. Ms. Minx has been working as a Priestess for as long as she can remember, sharing ancient wisdom and guiding folks to free themselves through ceremony and ritual.

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About my column…

“S(ensual)/M(agick)” An exploration of that delicious territory where the erotic and the divine mingle, from the perspective of a lifestyle Mistress and devotee of the Goddess.