Business/Group: Crimson Kitty Productions

Location: NYC

Personal Website:

Biography: N is an multi-form, multi-media artist who is a jill of all trades. As an award winning burlesque performer, she has traveled throughout the country to bring her queer performance artistry as “The Only Letter In Burlesque!”. She has performed everywhere from the New York Burlesque Festival all the way to reading at the Sex Worker Literati reading series. In addition to co-founding the queer burlesque show Hypergender Burlesque and founding the erotic cabaret Auralfixia, she runs her queer owned event company Crimson Kitty Productions that culimates her 12 years of experience in design and marketing. Her design experiences have also led her to be a videographer, professional singer, makeup artist, model, sex blogger & most awesomeness person. Read more about her at www.nc17ofburlesque.com & www.crimsonkitty.com

Specialties:Design, Marketing, Artist Development, Event Planning

Contact Information:

Published Works: March Calendar Girl in the 2010 NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar

About my column…

“Burlesque and the City” is N’s own personal accounts on performing burlesque in NYC as well as articles about burlesque and interviews with some of burlesque’s finest producers and performers. While not performing and writing for Fearless Press, she runs her own production company called Crimson Kitty Productions curating concept cabarets in downtown NYC. Her current cabaret is called Auralfixia and it fuses both the sex positive and burlesque communities. For more info go to www.crimsonkitty.com