Sarah Sloane



Title: Educator, Writer, Activist, Personal & Business Consultant,

Business/Group: Pleasure Chest Chicago

Location: Chicago

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Biography: Sarah Sloane is a sexuality & relationship educator from the Washington DC metro area. She has taught literally hundreds of classes for Sex-Positive, BDSM, and Relationship-oriented organizations and events throughout the US, Canada, and overseas for 9 years; she also works with individuals & small groups to learn skills and techniques to enhance their lives. Additionally, she is a popular guest on numerous podcasts and internet radio shows, and delights in speaking her mind and creating dialogue with listeners across the globe.

Specialties: Breath Control, Polyamory, Punching, Relationship skills, Rough Body Play, Service, Sex for all genders, STI information, Dealing with trauma, mental / emotional aspects of play.

Experience: I’ve taught hundreds of classes in the US, Canada, and New Zealand; I’ve also done personal coaching & consulting for dozens of clients, and have a number of high-profile sex-positive clients that use my business coaching & assistant work. For more info, visit my website –

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About my column…

“Dear Sarah” Sarah Sloane, a professional pervert and business/personal coach, answers all your questions about alternative relationships. Whether your relationship is on the D/s spectrum, a solid M/s relationship, polyamorous, monogamous, kinky, or defies all labels, Sarah’s experience (both personal and professional) can help!