Location: New England

Biography: For several years i attended graduate school studying anthropology and spent nearly twenty years researching at a prominent academic institution in the Boston area. i retired early so that i may devote myself full-time to the needs of the Princess.

Princess Kali is the One i adore, worship and serve with complete submission. She has granted me the freedom to enslave myself to Her and to become what i am, and have always been.

One of the tasks assigned to me is to write an occasional article for Her amusement. It is my desire that i am worthy of the task. You, the reader, can decide that, with my ultimate fate in the hands of the Princess.


About my column…

“Perversions from the Past” The “scene”, as it is offered referred to, has really only been openly with us for three or four decades in the modern era. Now it can be viewed in the cinema, on the fashion runway and in the street. It has a secretive, and not so secretive, history stretching back thousands of years. This column hopes to get out of the time machine closet!