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Title: The Widow Centauri, MA

Business: San Diego State University

Location: Western New England until late May 2011, Vegas summer 2011, Touring USA fall 2011

Personal Websites:

Biography: Widow Centauri studied creative writing at Antioch University, improvisational comedy at The Second City and is currently studying sociology as a graduate student at San Diego State University. Widow has over a decade of experience in ethnographic field research in the area of professional BDSM. Through this experience she has created a forthcoming book and a one-woman show about her life as a professional dominatrix. Widow Centauri instructs over 30 different workshops on alternative sexuality and has condensed these into an academic course. Her current research project is focused on gender variant neologisms, new words expressing variance in gender (i.e. grrrl, boi, hir, shim, ze). She is actively conducting in person interviews pertaining to GVN usage. For more information about Widow Centauri or her research visit http://www.widowcentauri.com/

To enjoy her rude, offensive, pornographic blog visit http://www.widowcentauri.wordpress.com It is the best way to keep up to date with her adventures, opinions, and tour dates.

Areas of Research Interest: Sex and Gender, Stratification, Social Problems, Sex Education, Crime and Deviance, Blue Laws, Social Justice, Gentrification, Urbanization, GLBTQ and BDSM Issues, Alternative Family Models, Humor, Technology

Experience: http://widowcentauri.wordpress.com/cv/

Contact: WidowCentauri@gmail.com

About my column…

“Book Reviews “ Widow Centauri reads a lot, writes and lot, and loves to write about what she is reading. This column of sexy book reviews will stimulate your need to read. Get the low down on essential sex and gender reading, classics, as well as new releases. If you are an author and you want your book reviewed, send a copy to Widow Centauri.