Submission Guidelines


Starting December 1, 2013 new submissions are no longer being accepted until further announcement. If your writing might be appropriate for or I’m doing a Guest Blogger schedule for both sites through-out 2014.

Writers Guidelines is all about sex, gender, relationships, and communication so anything you write about should directly relate to those topics. Your articles can be about almost anything that you would like to discuss as long as it is brought back to those over-arching topics

We look to our writers to provide an articulate perspective keeping a sense of positivity and constructive critique. The tone should be kept playful, accessible, and smart. We will not accept any ‘bashing’ style posts or articles with a heavily negative perspective. It doesn’t mean you can’t have strong opinions or disagree with something, but keep your arguments respectful rather than insulting.

Our readers are made up people of all ages (18-65+) from a wide variety of backgrounds and we want to accurately represent as many of those voices as possible.  A main focus of Fearless Press is to present each of these perspectives as normal, acceptable, and equal (because they are!). does not claim copyright to your articles. Original Content can be posted elsewhere after 4 months of publication and must remain credited as the original publisher.


      Living: Health, Law, Food, Psychology, Humor

      Style: Fashion, Body Image, Vendor Features

      Arts: crafts, interviews, film & art reviews, gallery features, photography

      Community: News, Politics, Non-Profits, Events, Activism, History, Etiquette

      Spirituality: Catholic, Pagan, Unitarian, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Daoist, etc

      Relationships: Internet Dating, Polyamory, Monogamy, Dominance/submission, Leather

Personal Essays should be intimate, revealing, and surprising. They should show a ‘real life’ perspective and make an emotional connection with the reader. I am NOT looking for erotica or journal type writing.

Reported News should be factual with resources listed. It should also be unexpected & attention grabbing but NOT sensationalistic.

Informational Essays should be concise and easy to understand, with properly researched and referenced sources.

Advice Articles should include useful and applicable information that individuals & couples can really use. We don’t want to give overly cliche’d ‘how-to’ suggestions, rather we are looking for insightful & concrete ideas.


Types of Submissions:

Original Content:  These are articles that are written expressly for Fearless Press. You retain original copyright with an agreement that you will not post the articles elsewhere for at least 4 months after the article is posted and always with Fearless Press credited. Currently payment is not offered. This will change in the near future.

       Monthly Column: To be a monthly columnist you must commit to a deadline that will consistently work for you. If you are interested in being a monthly columnist, send a proposed column title & proposed column description along with 2 original articles that fit the proposed column to

      Guest Posts: These are articles that are submitted on an irregular basis. If you do not feel comfortable committing to a monthly deadline but would like to be a contributor on the site then you may send an original article to request to be a guest poster. Email to inquire.


Previously Published Articles: These are alternate options to writing original content for Fearless Press. This type of article but it can be used effectively as a cross promotional tool

           Reposting Articles: We are now starting to accept re-posting of articles from blogs & other sites. To submit a previously published work you must own the copyright. The entire article must be posted on Fearless Press with a direct link to your blog or site.

            Book Excerpts: If you are an author that would like to promote your book you are invited to send an excerpt (of at least 500 words) to be published on Fearless Press as a way to market your work. All appropriate link backs will be included. We will also be doing author interviews so please be in touch if you’re looking to take advantage of either of these opportunities (or both!)


What we are looking for

  • Contributors who work well with deadlines
  • Original content (never been published)
  • Sex & sexuality, gender, relationships, communication
  • Relatability
  • Statistics and concrete information & resources
  • Sexy but not crude
  • A headline along with the article
  • Personal stories that share insight & gained wisdom

What we are not looking for

  • Articles that don’t relate to sex & sexuality, gender, relationships, communication
  • Graphic Descriptions of sexual experiences
  • Erotica
  • Negative tone or bashing style posts
  • Excessive swear words