Power Exchange and the Goddess

 Posted by on June 23, 2010
Jun 232010

by Ms. Minx

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Selina Minx. I am an internationally known priestess and mistress. I have recently been invited to share my ideas about spirituality and sexuality with the community of the Kink Academy. I am thrilled to have a forum for sharing my insights and experiences, as much of my focus is too esoteric for a general readership.

My spiritual path is embodying the Goddess and basically has been since my first visionary experiences in my late teens in the deserts of California. The first Goddess which appeared to me was Oblivion, the void herself. Her presence seemed to beckon me, emanating a promise that she would communicate great wisdom if I could surrender and enter her deep waters. This occasional Divine Female presence helped me moor myself in a world which is only recently coming to know and accept a woman’s true powers. So many of our wise women, and their remedies are lost after years of misguided patriarchy. But I digress.

Shortly after my awakening I discovered another ancient method of brain change/emotional release in the SM subculture of the west coast. Sadomasochism has titillated the sexual underground for the last several hundred years, and been in the rites of indigenous folks for tens of thousands of years. The use of pagentry, endorphins and adornment have been a part ceremonies all over the planet, and in Hollywood California a particularly unique manifestation defines the local culture. Men and Women each adorn themselves to spectacular extents to embody their ideals. Local drag queens, dykes, tattoed freaks, leather folk, poly folk, kinksters, fetishists, porn stars, wanna-be’s, fags, womyn all make for a gorgeous spread of humanity. And in this milieu there is a special place for the dominatrix. She is unique in her single minded expression of a very old archetype. The warrior queen.

The rites of passage which are undergone by more ancient cultures are encoded into our dna. The risk-taking of teen years, the midlife crisis, motherhood, old age. These life changing transitions were for thousands of years marked by rites of passage. Simple ceremonies which demarcated the end or beginning of a new phase of life. It is extremely powerful to experience an ordeal in which one is forced one to express a skill set or quality necessary for their next phase. Sadomasochism allows us to reclaim this ancient rite in a modern context.

The dominatrix allows us to access this ancient archetype of the warrior woman. A Queen, unquestioned in her power. Desireable, Powerful, in control, capable of cruelty and sexiness, seductive but not accessible. As I embody this archetype, becoming this impenetrable, fiery martial Goddess, invoking fear and powerlessness in the men who cower at my feet, a part of me goes away, surrendering to the ageless Goddess which fills me.

Female “power” isn’t what you think it is. The lovely fitted clothes, sweetly encased arms and legs and waists and feet is only decoration for the energy of female magnetic power. We draw you to us, as we draw resources and experiences to ourselves. Our energy, as women, is essentially magnetic. If this basic physical magnetic energy is combined with the intention to seduce, confuse or otherwise gain power over another being then the effect is assured.

There are many other archetypes which powerfully focus a person’s being so that they embody an unmistakably higher or more pure vibration which are useful in SM including the compassionate Mother Goddess, the seductive Erotic Goddess, the Innocent Sacrifice, the destroyer Warrior Goddess etc. There is great power and effect also in the basic feminine characteristics of receptivity as well. Ideally I am fluid and meld with the needs of my play-partners and clients, even as I enact the Goddesses I feel called to bring into play.

This combination of passionate spirituality, sexual adventurousness and a calling into the service of humanity has created a rather unique viewpoint from which I will be sharing my ideas with you over the upcoming new moons. I look forward to expanding these ideas as we continue on our journey together.