Apr 062013

istock_000000078094xsmall-300x199-2305579What kind of company markets itself with the line “Sex is Fun… Infection Isn’t?”

That would be us, JustGetTested™.

JustGetTested is a company created to offer fast, reliable, confidential and affordable STD testing.  And we do it online.

(We know: “Online blood testing?”  More about that later.)

Another part of what we do is to help shed some light on the fact that sexually transmitted diseases and infections are out there, in increasing numbers.  Last count was 19 billion new STD infections each year.  And there’s an estimate of 50,000 new cases of HIV annually.

Unfortunately, recent numbers show that less than half the people in the U.S. who should be tested for STDs and HIV do receive testing. This, despite the fact that new guidelines recently came out that everyone who’s to any degree sexually active should be tested for HIV at least once. That’s pretty much everyone.

Here’s the harsh reality: If you’re having sex, you’re at risk.  “Safe” is never 100%, and mistakes happen.

So there’s no reason that testing for STDs should be stigmatized, right?  And you certainly shouldn’t feel like you’re going to be penalized for enjoying sex.

But to a large extent there is a stigma. For some of us, the thought of talking to a doctor about STDs or waiting in clinic feels like exactly the wrong kind of punishment. Not to mention those nasty symptoms we tried so hard to ignore or explain away.

Whether there are symptoms of not – and often there are none, especially in women! – the earlier you know about STDs, the easier it is to treat them.  As a matter of fact, many infections will go away entirely… once you take action.

At JustGetTested, we feel that that more and more today, each of us needs to take our health into our own hands – to be aware of what’s going on with our bodies and actively involved in making healthcare decisions.

This means opening up our eyes to what could happen in our sexual relationships, and trusting ourselves and our partners to get tested for STDs as often as is necessary.

We’re here to make that simpler.

JustGetTested actively works to break down the barriers of STD testing by offering STD and HIV tests online at the lowest prices possible.

These are the same, professional tests you’d get through a doctor, but you don’t have to make any appointments or mess with insurance approvals. There’s no waiting in a doctor’s office or clinic, and no loss of privacy.

At JustGetTested, you order and pay for your test through our secure website, then visit a nearby lab to get your blood drawn. You get your results online in about 2-3 days. It’s that simple. And no stigma attached.

Then, you can get back to having fun.

“Breaking down barriers and empowering the individual is an important step in building trust within the healthcare world,” says JustGetTested Medical Director Edward Salko, DO.

“As a physician, I’m well aware that there are things patients would rather not discuss with their healthcare providers,” continues Dr. Salko. “As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things individuals may not even want to know about. Learning that they have an STD is probably high on that list.”

“But the truth is, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you. Information is your best friend when it comes to STDs,” Dr. Salko says. “Most are totally curable, and all are treatable.”

For more information and a full range of STD and HIV testing, visit www.JustGetTested.com


Any information provided by JustGetTested should not be interpreted as medical advice. It is our recommendation that you share all information with your healthcare provider to discuss how it relates to your own sexual health and wellness.