Jun 252013


Why? It’s 2013 and your sex toys are stuck in the 90’s.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sex toys? Tacky neon-colored phallic objects that need batteries and are made from plastic and smells like… plastic. No wonder why the idea of bringing these things to bed (much less putting them inside one’s body) causes many of people to cringe!

In recent years, a new category of sex toys has started to emerge with a mission to re-imagine the traditional sex toy. Technology, innovation, and design have improved every aspect of our lives, and it’s time sex toys benefit from progress. 

Most high quality sex toys are actually under $200.  Yes — that still is a lot of money. But so is an iPhone, a flat screen tv, and a nice dinner out.

Here’s what you get when you spend more:

1. Better performance

A cheap vibrator will get you off, but it might only last for a few uses. Also, how loud and powerful is it? High quality sex toys have quieter and more powerful motors. That means no one will hear you from the next room (unless you are a screamer!), and they allow for more variety with multiple speeds and settings.

2. A more discreet toy

Ancient Egyptians invented phallic dildos.  That wonderful design has not changed in thousands of years… until now!  A luxury sex toy looks more like an art object or iPhone accessory.  It most certainly doesn’t look like the rabbit sex toy from Sex and the City. People all over the world are starting to leave their sex toys out on their nightstands!

3. Say goodbye to batteries and say hello to the remote control

You read that correctly. Let’s not forget that it is 2013. Have you ever tried to use your vibrator and realized that you forgot to buy batteries? Say goodbye to those frustrations. High quality sex toys are usually rechargeable. Plus, some of these toys are so advanced that they are remote controlled. Your partner can operate your sex toy from across the room… or across the world.

4. Waterproof toys

The fun no longer has to end at the bath/shower door.  Most high quality sex toys are 100% waterproof.  Swimming pool?  Hot tub?  Sauna?  Lake?  Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!  Water is no longer the enemy!

5. Body-safe materials

Did you know that most sex toys are toxic? That’s why they are so cheap! Most toys are made with plastics or silicones that include chemicals. Unlike regular sex toys, all high quality sex toys are made from the finest materials available, like medical grade silicones, pyrex glass, 100% stainless steel. Better materials cost most, which is why these toys are more expensive than others. (Don’t forget that the sex toy industry is not regulated. Manufacturers can use whatever materials they want and can say whatever they want on the packaging. No one is checking. Do you really want anything toxic in or near your genitals?)

When most people switch to high quality sex toys, they never go back to regular sex toys. Quality comes at a premium. When it comes to your pleasure, isn’t quality and piece of mind worth it?

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Stacy Rybchin is a sex toy expert and the Founder & Chief Curator of My Secret Luxury™. After one fateful night in New York City, she founded My Secret Luxury™ to celebrate the unique passions of every person. After realizing that all other stores carried thousands of products — from low-end to high-end, she created a store that carries a curated selection of only the best high quality body-safe adult toys that embody style, design and functionality. The mission of My Secret Luxury™ is to inspire love, romance, and intimate moments one satisfied customer at a time through high quality sex toys and sex accessories, which provide the occasion to give and get pleasure, grow love, celebrate intimacy, and introduce fun.