JJ Hood


Name: JJ Hood

Title:  Recovering Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee/Shameless Flaming Fornicator

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Personal Website:hollywoodboomboom.tumblr.com


After having been born and raised on Catholicism, neuroticism, and Filipino food, JJ recently moved from the cultural confines of the white-suburban Jersey Shore to the somewhat less trashy, more multi-culturally dynamic streets of Hollywood, California.

While on her path to self-discovery, she ventured along to become a Marriage and Family Therapist only to eventually realize her true passion for sex, writing, and writing about sex.

After breaking away from a rigid set of sexual “should”s and “shouldn’t”s and further recovering from a ten-year battle with Relationship Monkey Syndrome (never letting go of one branch until grabbing hold of another), she is currently living, loving, and learning more about herself from opening her legs than she ever did from opening her books.



  • BA in Psychology, with minor in Critical Sexualities
  • MA in Marriage and Family Therapy



About My Column

Finding Oneself Through FuckingThis column sheds light on the many facets of self-discovery that can manifest when shamelessly shedding one’s clothes.  It presents a look at the different ways you can learn, grow, and connect with yourself after having sexually learned and connected with another.  If anything, it’ll hopefully help convince you that you shouldn’t knock it til ya try it.

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