Bite the Apple

 Posted by on October 6, 2010
Oct 062010

By Ms Savannah Sly

My week and a half of kink events and travel began at 5:30am on an NYC-bound bus. To my absolute dismay, I realized that, in my drowsy haste, I had forgotten all of my new Netflix DVD’s on my kitchen table. Alas, I was to endure my travels without any new films to mull over.

But wait! Hadn’t I planned on attending to 2010 NYC CineKink screening that very night? Yes, indeed I had! Not only would I get my movie fix, but the films I was to see would undoubtedly be sex positive, creative, thoughtful and hot. What a relief!

Many hours later, I found myself sitting in a cavernous hall at the LGBT Center in Manhattan, experiencing the CineKink selections with great relish. The sound quality of the room left something to be desired, but the films were comprehensive and alluring enough to keep me glued. One film in particular, Walking The Dog (directed by Luigi Campi, 2009), was so visually compelling that it was almost unnecessary for the actors to recite lines. It’s a dreamy (and at time, nightmarish) account of girl who agrees to attend a public sex event at the insistence of her obnoxious boyfriend. We follow the pair as they wind their way into an unsettling place where shirtless men roam like feral dogs and women can be glimpsed in the shadows, performing a multitude of dramatic sex acts. Though uneasy, the girl is beckoned to join several women in a car, where she is caressed into an ecstatic as a crowd looks on, through the windows. Beautifully lit and emotionally depicted, Walking The Dog was a delicious bit of short and sexy cinema.

The next film, Balloons, could not have been a sharper contrast from Walking The Dog. Balloons (directed by Charles Nuckolls, 2009) is a simple documentary that captures the elaborate pastime of blowing up and playing with gigantic, rubber balloons. The practitioners of this fetish blow up enormous, elastic bubbles and crawl inside, where they play with each other, apply vibrators to various bits or simply hang out. The latex-clad vixen that appeared to be the facilitator of the event describes the experience as womb-like and intensely sensual. The film was light, fun, and captured the joy of this often misunderstood and mysterious kink.

The CineKink screening was capped off with a backseat masturbation video featuring Dylan Ryan, entitled Taxi: Safety (director by Marie Angel, 2009). Despite the cautionary title, this was a dangerously libidinous and got the room humming. Dylan Ryan was in attendance and spoke after the film about the experience of shooting Taxi: Safety. Getting to see this statuesque performer immediately in person after her appearance on the big screen was quite a treat. Dylan’s positive account of her pornographic work seemed to be the perfect ending to the screening. If the goal of the event was to show hot films that were made by passionate, mindful, ethical and diverse artists, then CineKink can and should give itself a big, well-deserved pat on the back.

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