I'm a Toppy kinkster who loves to dish it out. Despite my capacity to be a cruel and commanding, I'm generally a very friendly, polite and playful person. The word "play" defines my approach to kink very well; I intend that exchanges should be fun, amusing and healthy...even if the activities at hand are seemingly contrary to such light heartedness. I love role play and enjoy toying with the personas we take on everyday, in and out of the dungeon. I enjoy being a subtly predatory vixen, a raucous tomboy, a spandex-clad jock hottie, a capable Jill-of-all-Trades, a slave driver, a weirdo, and a variety of other characters. Read Full Profile ...

Salacious Magazine Boston Launch Party

 Posted by on March 2, 2011
Mar 022011

By Savannah Sly

On Sunday, January 26th, I found myself flipping through sixty pages of glossy debauchery. I was holding in my hands a comprehensive collection of illustrated pornography and erotica, the sticky stories and carnal cartoons of Salacious Magazine.

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Bite the Apple

 Posted by on October 6, 2010
Oct 062010

By Ms Savannah Sly

My week and a half of kink events and travel began at 5:30am on an NYC-bound bus. To my absolute dismay, I realized that, in my drowsy haste, I had forgotten all of my new Netflix DVD’s on my kitchen table. Alas, I was to endure my travels without any new films to mull over.

But wait! Hadn’t I planned on attending to 2010 NYC CineKink screening that very night?

Jul 122010

by Ms Savannah Sly

This spring, I had the pleasure of watching “Bike Porn III: Cycle Bound”, a touring collection of amateur pornography, curated by Reverend Phil of Portland, Oregon. Ranging from slinky to silly, all of the films shared the common thread of being made for and by enthusiasts of wheels, gears, tight bike shorts and the open road.