Mentioning Unmentionables Part 2

 Posted by on July 18, 2012
Jul 182012

Panties. Bloomers. Thongs. Girdles. Briefs. Knickers. There are many names for the articles that those of the feminine persuasion don under their clothing. Lady’s undergarments have almost always been a thing of legend, from the corsets and bloomers of old to the (frequently sung about) peek-a-boo thong of today. The conversation varies from naughty innuendo to crude locker room talk. A conversation with a young activist led her to share that the word “panty” is something that turns her on, but in a “uncomfortable way.” A useful tool for bedroom conversation of course, and a testament to how stigmatized these functional and frequently fabulous pieces of our wardrobe have become.

Bras of course have a special place in the hearts of many, as both a form of support and of great intrigue. Victoria’s Secret creates a media sensation every year that they’ve aired their runway show, and lobbyists have vied for the permission to show more and more skin to feature the ever fluctuating, frequently disappearing silhouettes that the different styles of brassiere in advertisements and other forms of visual media. One would be hard pressed to find a coming of age teen movie or comedy without a discussion on the great conundrum that is taking someone else’s bra off in a way that will not only be smooth, but let the said support remain removed. Underwire, racerback, plunge, back wing, sports, demi-cup, strapless and words that sound like they’re not related to underthings at all, such as convertible, balconette and built-in. Some people’s swimsuits cover significantly less than what they wear underneath their office wear, much less to bed on Valentines day.

Do you find the wearing of such delicates attractive or simply practical? Briefs and bikini’s still outsell thongs and g-strings and more full coverage options such as boy shorts are making quite the comeback. The “booty short” functions as under or outwear in many a club scene and you see a variety of petticoats and chemises at any event where steam-punk inspired fashion is encouraged. Tank tops and sports bras are regular work-out and/or summer wear, even right next to those in the more traditional layers of clothing.

What is in your drawers? I enjoy feasting my eyes on garter belts and a peek of lace on almost anyone, and there’s something simply delightful about the simplicity of cotton or the whimsy of patterns. Have you ever worn your fanciest lingerie underneath your professional clothes to keep your mind on what’s to come during a busy work day? Have you ever tried on your lover’s underthings just to see how they felt?

Your unmentionables can add a spark or change the mood if you give them the opportunity to do so. Let me encourage you to take a moment to mention them, whether it’s saying the word “panty” until you giggle, caressing a silky bustier or imagining what all of the above might look like hanging in a closet, folded in a drawer or crumpled up in a piles on the way to the bedroom.