Dressing for your body type: The Pear

 Posted by on September 27, 2011
Sep 272011

By Nina Love

I read yet another fetish fashion blog – I won’t name names – that was complaining about so and so wearing such and such to the dungeon. The gist of the article was that so and so was wearing a bright pink polo shirt of all things. And to make it worse, she was wearing it layered with another brightly colored polo shirt. Now, I am the first to protest that regardless of what Vogue says about Honeysuckle being the color of the year, bright pink should only be worn in moderation and layered polo shirts should stay in the eighties.

However, I am also the first to say that throwing on a negligee does not make fetish attire. But if you aren’t built for a bustle skirt, what exactly do you wear to pull off a fetish look and look good doing it? Believe it or not, it’s easier than you might think and there is indeed a formula to follow. Last month we took a look at the “Rectangle.”. So now, let’s take a look at the “Pear.”

Does your body form a triangle? Are your hips wider than your shoulders? If so, than you have a “pear” shape. There are several types of pears, but what it comes down to is that you face some unique challenges:

Narrow shoulders don’t scream sexy;
Your butt is isn’t sharing the attention that your bust deserves and
You have trouble finding skirts that don’t add ten pounds to your weight.

Concentrating on what looks good on your body and not what the community says your fetish wardrobe should look like is the goal to dressing for your body type. Next time you’re tearing through your closet trying to find that perfect outfit, remember these ten tips on what to wear and what to avoid:

1. Choose the sweetheart neckline over Victorian cut in corsets.

2. Off the shoulder tops that widen the shoulders are a good bet. This includes v-neck, scoop necks, boat neck and u-neck.

3. Avoid the circle or bustled skirt that adds volume to your bottom. Instead try a pencil skirt with princess seams that help slim your hips by creating a long vertical lines.

4. Ditch the crew neck t-shirt. If you’re a t-shirt person, fret not. You do not have to give up any of the cute kinky sayings. Look for scoop or v-necks and, if that fails, grab a pair of scissors and open up your neck line to show off your shoulders and collar bone, which will create a wider, more balanced look.

5. Add volume on top with military style jackets, boleros, and mutton sleeves.

6. Keep your bottoms and skirts simple. Avoid features such as pockets, studs or patterns that draw attention to your hips. Dark and simple is better on the bottom.

7. Peep toe and pointy toe heels draw out your legs and make you look taller and more slender. Avoid ankle straps or platforms that add weight to your bottom.

8. Avoid ankle length skirts or dresses. Instead opt for asymmetrical skirts or mini/mid length skirts.

9. Add fare at the neck to draw attention to the face. Try scarves and collars.

10. Avoid tops that drape over the hips. Tops and jackets should end at the natural waist or higher. Likewise, avoid dresses that have contrasting features on the waistline. Monochromatic is better for you.

Next time: The Hourglass.