Covering The Curves

 Posted by on September 27, 2012
Sep 272012

istock_000010470464small-300x198-5289806I’m a curvy girl with a limited budget and an active, kinky social life. Play parties are regular events on my calendar as is the occasional visit to a public dungeon or a fetish convention. It seems like there’s always a reason to dress up or undress as the case may be. My problem at the moment is two-fold: size and money.

I’m slowly implementing a healthier diet and more exercise, but as everyone knows, healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. So where does that leave me? Right smack in the middle between naked and size XL. A large percentage of my wardrobe is devoted to maternity clothes. My daughter is now three, but for two of those years, I hadn’t lost the baby weight. I’m now twenty pounds lighter, three inches smaller around my waist and those clothes are way too big.

They’re also, well…motherly looking.

If you’ve ever attended a play party, then you know that naked is normal. So is lingerie. Sometimes my girlfriend packs three different lingerie ensembles and changes throughout the evening. I’d join her, but I don’t fit in my lingerie yet. I still have my pre-baby, pre-marriage sexy things shut away, and there’s a lot of it. I’m close to reopening that drawer in my dresser, but I have more inches to lose. And if I’m perfectly honest with myself, I get self-conscious.

Even though I’m an exhibitionist, my body is far from the realm of fetish model. In theory, I know that what’s most important is my innate belief that I’m attractive and desirable. I don’t always feel that way and sometimes at a party, all I want to do is cover up my cellulite and stretch marks.

After mulling it over I decided to host a clothing swap. There have to be other kinksters in my community that need more duds or a wardrobe refresher. Since a good get-up requires an even better imagination, I thought I’d send out an invite to all my kinky friends and encourage them to bring all sorts of clothing items and see what turns up. I’m hoping that someone will know someone who needs maternity clothes and that I’ll find something new and interesting that will look good at a party or dungeon. Look good coming off too, depending on the situation. My hope is for the too-big clothing that I can’t wear to leave my closet in exchange for interesting, sexy clothes to get in it. All of it for free.

My girlfriend has attended a clothing swap before, and she wholeheartedly supports my mini-event. She said that it was fun inspecting everyone’s contributions, and that some brave soul donated a bridesmaid dress. After ridiculing the terrible floral pattern, there was a small tussle over who would actually take it home. My girlfriend tried it on, but alas, it didn’t fit. Between you and me, I’m perfectly fine with that.

At the last party we attended someone exclaimed how great their camisole looked on someone else. There was laughter and the simple joy found in witnessing someone else’s pleasure. What could have been thrown away was now being enjoyed by a friend. The good vibe stuck with me, and I’m thinking that there should be more of that. It’s my goal to combine free clothing exchange with goodwill towards all and a healthy dose of sexy fun. Clothing these curves just got better.