Oct 012012

thenewtwist-300x82-6357099Full Disclosure: Crystal Delights is a favorite Erotication sponsor & I’m personally a huge fan of their business model, they’re high quality products and their awesome founders. That being said, I only promote businesses that I would recommend personally!

When did you first get the idea for Crystal Delights Toys?

Crystal Delights actually first started as a digital dildo in the virtual world Second Life that would make your avatar orgasm. We attended NELA’s summer fetish flea in Boston where we saw some stainless steel plugs with beautiful crystals in the end.  I approached the lady who owned the business and told her she should make some in glass, she said she wasn’t interested in that and that we should do it so we did!  LOL  I worked for a large online sextoy company at the time so I had the platform to sell from and the first “real life” Crystal Delights toys were born.

How did you bring your ideas from concept to creation?

R&D is the fun part, there are always so many ideas and so much potential, the thing I like about glass over other mediums like steel and silicone is that we don’t need to develop molds, glass is more fluid and can be changed easily if a customer wants something just a little bit different than everyone else. We like to bring our customer base into R&D as well, after all it is our customers that know what they want and we find they are always willing to give us feedback and new ideas!  It’s one of the things I love most about this business!

How have your products been received by customers & the sex positive community?

From the very beginning we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our toys by both our customers and the sex positive community, we are so grateful! We believed from the start that what we wanted to do was build the business on a grassroots level, that we wanted to make a quality product in the United States and let it stand on its own and it has! We started out working from the old saying if you cant give it away you cant sell it, we have followed this in giving our products to bloggers for review.  We are well reviewed and almost everyone has been positive! If you search the internet for Crystal Delights you will find many of our product reviews, we see this as success!

Do you have a personal favorite from your toy collection?

Currently my personal favorite is our new colored twist. It just looks so beautiful with the color twisted up the edge of the glass!  But it seems my favorite changes with each new batch of glass we bring to market, they each have their own appeal!

I love that charity is such a big part of your business philosophy, can you share why you it’s so important to you?

Charity has always been important to us even before Crystal Delights was started. We participated in charity events within Second Life and it was just a given that we would continue it with our “real life” line.  Everyone has either themselves or someone close to them that has dealt with cancer, myself included, Colors Against Cancer is the result of giving back.  We also discovered that within the adult community it was difficult to obtain funding for important projects such as education, we joined together with some of the leaders in the industry, manufacturers such as ourselves and  started Crystal Causes which we hope someday can be an actual charitable cause. We also support animal causes with the sale of our real fur tails. Because together we can make a difference…

What are your plans for the future of Crystal Delights Toys?

Wow that is a good question, we think that Crystal Delights has only just begun to show us what it is capable of! We have so many ideas on the drawing board and many more concepts coming. There might even be a special Kink Academy toy in the future! We are working on some floggers, a more kink focused line of plugs with attachments and you will see a very special announcement soon for a toy to go along with the hottest adult movie to come out in a long time! We are very much looking forward to the future with many more Crystal Delights toys.