A Fetish for Writing

 Posted by on December 4, 2012
Dec 042012

istock_000020199271small-300x199-9499715While reading a certain current, popular fiction novel about BDSM, I pushed past my distaste for the characters and the writing style to find something I did enjoy. Paperwork. It is not the legal aspect that draws me in, though I can understand how that could become a fetish. What draws me to the fetishism of paperwork is the act of writing itself.

Whether the medium is pen and ink, pencil, or typing, there is something just lovely about hearing the clicking of a keyboard, especially the loud click of a desktop computer’s keys. And watching ink swirl and turn into lettering just makes me feel tranquil. You may not be as entranced by the act of writing as I am, however creating contracts with your play partner can be the first step to a wonderful experience. You can find ways to make this mundane activity much more exciting.

Depending on your tastes, you have a few choices in the method of contracts. For those more technology inclined, you may want your partner to type all notes into a Google document, or a word software program such as OpenOffice. This method makes me think vaguely of the film Secretary where Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character proofread typed letters. Add in a red ink pen and you have a perfect scene for those with a love for office kink.

My play partner would most likely end up with X marks painted head-to-toe with Wite-out.  As much as I like technology, I am more inclined to enjoy handwritten contracts, and if you have the same fetish as I do you, can really play with this. My submissive would be handwriting their contract in pen on heavy cream colored paper while I dictate. This turns the contract into a process where the submissive is already beginning to experience their role. The fun extends to the proofreading process, especially if there are spelling or grammar mistakes! For those who enjoy the student/teacher scenario, contracts are a perfect way to begin a relationship.

After a fair amount of punishments for mistakes and ink stains, developing the finished contract can lead into other play. What manuscript is complete without a wax seal? I prefer to test my wax seals out on my partner’s back before the final stamp. Another idea is having your partner turn a lovely handwritten contract into a framed piece of art for your dungeon wall. Who would have thought such a boring process could turn into a tension filled scene building up to enjoyable acts to come

With a little bit of forethought you can enjoy a budding relationship from the very beginning just by using creativity in your contract process. What kind of kinky contract scenario speaks to you?


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  1. I am on the cusp of writing a contract with my new Dominant, and I began it in Google Drive. I love the movie Secretary, and if Sir had a red pen… well, those contract negotiations would be a long, drawn out ordeal (of pleasure). Thank you for the suggestions! As much as I adore the click of keys and slick sharing of docs, the physical act of writing still holds romance for me. I hadn’t considered applying it to our contract. Thank you! I’m sending your post to Sir right now. xo