Healing the Divine Masculine

 Posted by on December 17, 2012
Dec 172012

istock_000022047655small-300x199-4975268Being a male at this time on the planet, it is somewhat disappointing to see the lack of concern among my fellow men to work on internal issues.  We have been taught to deal with everything externally, instead of dealing with our inner emotions and blockages that hold us back from evolving.  For most of us the idea of expressing love is looked upon as being unmanly or “soft”, when love is the source of all that is. Our current societal definition of “manhood” appears to be sorely based on external strengths, but this foundation is rooted within deep insecurities. We have to re-define “manhood” with a more balanced perspective that includes “inner” and “outer” strength.

The current patriarchal societal structure is a reflection of the insecurities we have as men by wanting to control and suppress women, whether it be sexually, intellectually, etc… What I find interesting is that most men who are male chauvinists have no idea where their ideas stem from.  They think being a man automatically grants them a natural privilege to control and suppress feminine energy.  Remnants of this concept can even be found in religion. For example, The Holy Bible states the following… “But suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” (1 Timothy 2:12)  The concept of this current patriarchal society was set up a long time ago by men who couldn’t handle the fact that woman are powerful beings as well.

It is time for us as men to realize that we can be powerful without being controlling.  One who feels the need to control is one full of fear.  There is no need to fear or envy the power of a woman.  In fact, the entire world would benefit in every way if feminine principals were giving the freedom to flourish. “Masculine” and “feminine” principals working together would bring a balance between the heart (feminine principle “intuition”) and the mind (linear principle “action”). We are currently destroying the earth and each other because the majority has a perspective that lacks the heart principle of compassion.  Compassion combined with action is the balanced alternative to the current idea of controlling with action.

The first step in healing ourselves is to realize that we have a feminine side within us.  When we learn to honor and respect our feminine side, we can then slowly begin to appreciate women more. We can begin to do this by stepping into having the courage to express our emotions.  We should never be ashamed to cry or express affection whenever we need to.  Tony Porter addressed this very issue a couple of years ago with a lecture entitled “A Call to Men” as a guest speaker for a TED talks event.  I applaud him for being one of the few men that have had the courage to speak about this issue.  You can listen to his lecture at the following YouTube link… http://youtu.be/td1PbsV6B80

Next, we need to deal with our controlling issues.  Having the urge to control is a reaction influenced by fear.  There is no strength in fear no matter how the actions may appear externally.  We have to learn to put our pride to the side and let our egos subside.

The key is addressing these issues by going deep within and facing the root of the problem.  It would be beneficial for more men to explore meditation and spiritual practices that influence one to go inward.  If we want to keep up with the surge of women who are currently doing the work, we have to back away from external distractions that have us focus on everything else but ourselves.  There is no better time to start then right NOW, if we have the desire to evolve into the divine masculine. We have an important role to play in bringing back the balance on this planet.

If you’re a male reading this article and you are looking for guidance on how to address any of these issues in more detail, you can contact me directly at the following email address adeeperlove9@gmail.com.  I look forward to connecting with other men who recognize how important it is to focus on self-improvement.

I also discuss this subject in the following YouTube clip…