February Beauty Item Finds

 Posted by on February 6, 2013
Feb 062013

2013-01-22-17-20-53-300x199-1039265I’m pale, y’all. Pale with the delicate skin of a hothouse orchid. OK, that’s an utter exaggeration except for the pale part. My skin is sensitive but in the dry skin, alligator kind of way. Not a pretty orchid way, because that would just be awesome and ethereal. No, I spend a couple hours out in the wintery landscape and my skin turns dry and scratchy. Sometimes even red and irritated. Add to that some stress and not enough water… my face is a situation, folks.

This means that I’ve been on a quest for good skincare products almost all my life. I didn’t know it in my twenties that my skin would change by the time I got to my *cough* thirty-whatevers. And I’m positive it’s going to change again over the next several decades. SIGH. One thing’s for certain, it ain’t getting suppler and more moisturized. Alas, it’s quite the opposite.

This month’s installment of A Kink in the Curves is about my skincare finds for the fine month of February. It’s dark, dreary and cold for those of you living in the Western Hemisphere with me. I’m here to help you cope with several products that are saving my skin literally. Sure, I’ve sunk some chunks of cash into spas and their designer skincare lines, but we freelance writers can’t always afford such luxuries. And honestly, many of them aren’t worth the fancy packaging and hefty price tag. I’ve had the most success performance-wise and budget-wise with these over-the-counter products that can be found at your local drugstore or retail chains like Target.

J.R. Watkins’ Sugar and Shea Body Scrub – In the winter, you need to exfoliate more. This is a skincare step that I often forget, particularly for the rest of my body besides my face. Shaving exfoliates a large area of skin, but in the winter, all your parts need some extra tlc. The beauty of this scrub is that it contains coconut oil so not only are you scrubbing AND moisturizing, but you get to smell like you’re somewhere tropical. Maybe even with sunshine and a cocktail in hand.

c. Booth’s Honey and Almond Body Butter – The packaging of this creamy gem promises “extra rich and extra thick… this buttery body cream will smooth away unbecoming flaky skin and moisturize-leaving a silky, supple finish.” It absolutely delivers. Unlike other ‘all natural’ concoctions, this doesn’t separate and the smell is subtle. I use it right out of the shower, and I’m totally in love with it. In fact, I’m going monogamous with this body butter. We are THAT serious.

Bio-Oil – This oil was originally marketed to decrease the appearance and smooth-out scars, stretch marks and age spots. It also works really, really well on dry skin. I stumbled across it in an ad in a magazine. The ad featured a letter written by a woman who lived somewhere with arctic temperatures, like Milwaukee, and she swore up and down that Bio-Oil was the only way she survived the winters there. I’ve used this oil ever since and have had great results. I apply it twice daily: once in the morning after I wash my face, and again in the evening after washing my face. It’s absorbed easily and quickly. My only complaint is that if I use it right before I apply my makeup, it causes mascara smudges at the corners of my eyes. Despite that minor grievance, however, I’m going to be a lifelong devotee of Bio-Oil.