Sexy shoes, without pain

 Posted by on November 25, 2010
Nov 252010

By Nina Love

Dear Nina
I’m new to the scene and it seems like EVERYONE wears heels, but they kill my feet within an hour and that is not that kind of pain I’m looking for on a Saturday night. Is it possible to find shoes that don’t hurt or am I destined to suffer?
~Limping Along for Sir

Hello LAS,

I hear your Sir is a mean SOB, so you may be destined to suffer, however it does not have to be from your heels.

Wearing poorly fitting heels is the main culprit for shoe pain. But let’s not forget that pain is not the only problem you may be facing. Don’t overlook how totally hot we look limping along in heels that pinch and rub and how fashionable it looks when our perfect pedi not only hangs over the toe, but curls around it. But, not to worry LAS, finding the right pair (or pairs) of heels is not impossible. Here are a few simple tips to follow on your next shopping adventure:

1. We all know that heels make us look sexy with elongated legs and lifted asses, not to mention the fetish of the heel itself. But, all sarcasm aside, the most important advice that I can share is to remember that it is NOT SEXY to limp, hobble or stagger in heels that do not fit properly or hurt . You will look even sexier (not to mention smarter) to know your limits and wear shoes that work for you. This can mean that instead of the 6″ heels you will rock 1″ kitten heels, ballerina slippers, or sexy sandals.

2. To avoid the “they fit when I tried them on in the store” syndrome, shop in the afternoon when your feet have been working and are more likely to be swollen . Don’t be afraid to try them out, not just try them on. Put on both shoes (your feet are different sizes) and walk around. Sit down, stand up, move around. Unless these are your FMPs, (I make my Daddy close his eyes when I wobble to bed) you have to at least walk over to the spanking bench.

3. Forget about how beautiful they look. No one will be admiring their beauty or yours if you are hobbling across the room in (shoe) pain. Go for fit!. All shoes – especially heels – should fit comfortably with just a bit of wiggle room. They shouldn’t be so loose that you leave them behind as you walk across the room or so tight that they cut off your circulation. Don’t count on shoes stretching. Chances are they will never stretch enough to make a difference in your comfort.

4. Know your foot. Spend some time with your pain. What part of your foot hurts? Toe cramps? Blisters? Arches? Everyone’s feet are different. The things that bother me (pointy toes, narrow instep, etc.) many not bother you. You may need to avoid ankle straps or steep arches. Come to terms with your feet and listen to them.

5. If you suspect that your feet are hurting because you are over compensating in order to master those six inch heels, take a look at the design of the shoe. Consider a thicker heel or a higher platform. The higher the platform, the less dramatic the arch tends to be and the less off-balance our bodies will be. Ankle straps or a shoe or boot that extends up pass the ankle may help you feel more secure in your shoe.

Don’t fret LAS! There are shoes out there for you.

  2 Responses to “Sexy shoes, without pain”

  1. Amazing tips. I especially need to pay attention to tip four. When heels hurt me, its always because they are too tight across my (wide) toes, or are rubbing because they are too wide across my (narrow) foot. I took another look at the heels I love to wear and found the structural elements they have in common. This is going to make a big difference the next time I go shoe Shopping!

  2. 6. Get a foot fetishist to take care of you all night.