Posted by on October 6, 2013
Oct 062013

by Nina Love

It’s time to purge. Relax; my dinner is diligently working its way through my digestive system as we speak. It’s time to purge my closet. Yet this thought is more stressful and painstaking than sticking my finger down my throat, which is starting to sound appealing at this point.

What’s Your Personal Style?

 Posted by on September 16, 2013
Sep 162013
What's Your Personal Style?

By Julian Wolf

There are entire industries built around creating the right “style.” Interior designers craft inside spaces, exteriors can be landscaped, xeriscaped, gardened and beautified. You can go to a trichologist, a barber, or a hairdresser…

Fashionista Survival Kit

 Posted by on August 8, 2013
Aug 082013
Fashionista Survival Kit

By Nina Love

If you are anything like me, you take your fashion seriously. Our style, after all, is a statement of identity and one of our greatest avenues for self expression. So, when I recently found myself at dinner with two of my favorite toy whores the topic of toy-bag essentials came up.

Dominant Female Fashion

 Posted by on April 29, 2013
Apr 292013
Dominant Female Fashion

By Princess Kali

I’ve attended fetish and BDSM events all over the world, and one of my favorite things to do at these events is check out all the style eye candy. The best by far to scope hot chicks in fetish gear are the events focused on Professional Domination

Freedom of Fashion

 Posted by on January 8, 2013
Jan 082013
Freedom of Fashion

In a previous article, I touched on how our culture tells us that fashion is a female thing and while men can still be interested in it, it’s almost always coming from a female perspective (i.e. women’s fashions). There’s really a lot more to be said on this subject, especially when it comes to how […]

Fashion is for EVERY BODY!

 Posted by on December 10, 2012
Dec 102012
Fashion is for EVERY BODY!

It seems that fashion in the United States is made for the thin….at least when it comes to women. Sizes that most stores carry and sizes women actually wear are quite disproportionate.  The average woman in this country wears a size 14, while Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters and Zara don’t even […]

Fashion is only for Women!

 Posted by on November 10, 2012
Nov 102012
Fashion is only for Women!

Any discussion of fashion usually revolves around women. Specifically, fashions only women are supposed to wear, be interested in or care about. Even if men are the ones leading the discussion, it is almost always centered on women’s wear. During Fashion Week we only see or hear about shows that depict women’s wear. Fashion seems […]

Oct 312012
Halloween Costumes Enforcing Gender Roles

Today is Halloween, which means eating candy until you puke, prank calling everyone you know and dressing up in fabulous costumes. Speaking of costumes, Have you noticed how Halloween costumes seem to be…designed differently for men and women? Costumes seem to always be gendered and clearly “belong” to one gender or another. And not just […]