An Unending Labor… of Love

 Posted by on February 16, 2011
Feb 162011

By Mako Allen

The Tao is divided into two distinct halves, yin and yang. We’ve all seen the yin-yang symbol, the taijitu before. What many people don’t know is that yang is the male half, and one of its meanings is sunlight on the face of a mountain. Yin is the female half, and one of its meanings is the shadow cast in the valley of that same mountain. Thus yin is most definitely female, and you my friends, have gone and gotten her pregnant.

Verse Six:

The valley spirit never dies

Call it the mystery, the woman.

The mystery,

the Door of the Woman,

is the root

of earth and heaven.

Forever this endures, forever.

And all its uses are easy.

So this “valley spirit”, is yin, the feminine aspect of the Tao, hard at work being both the wife and mother of simply everyone and everything. Yin is your mother. She made you, and the chair you’re sitting in, and the computer you’re reading this on. She’s everyone’s mom.

But she didn’t make you alone. Her husband, or maybe husbands impregnated her with purpose, with drive. Your dad was one of those husbands. But so was your mother. So was every person they’ve ever known, and every person you’ve ever known, or will know.

Even you are her husband. That’s right. And that coffee you’re spitting out right about now, she made that too.

What this means is that you and the Tao are partners in creation, together. When you get that look in your eye, she opens herself to you, and the two of you make all sorts of things. When you first decided to become kinky, she helped you to bring the new braver person you were becoming into the world. When you decide that maybe you’re not just a submissive, but could be a top too, maybe a switch, she’s there, helping you bring that new aspect of yourself into the world.

Yin is amazing though. The way she gives birth is unlike any other woman in this world. For one, she’s never done giving birth. She’s in a constant state of labor. Right after she was done giving birth to you, she was already working on all sorts of aspects of you, like your aging, growth, and language skills.

The wonderful thing about her labor too, is that it’s painless. She’s never too tired, never too worn out to push some more, and bring yet something else new into the world, or into your life.

Remember that feeling when you were very young, that the world was just filled with potential, with things for you to learn? It’s still true! I always laugh when I hear someone say that they are done with something, that they’ve learned all there is to learn, or they’ve had their fill of it.

We are our mother’s children. Just like she’s never done with change, neither are we.

I’ve seen this at work in my own kinky life, time and again. When I first embraced my kink, I was a submissive, very fixated on spanking, and terrified of openly embracing my nature as an adult baby. Yin gently prodded me into taking those first baby steps into scene clubs, into play, into trying new things, meeting new people, experiencing new sensations. It wasn’t long before this spanking-obsessed boy was getting tied up, and trying abrasion play.

Ironically, as I grew in my own sexual and social maturity, I was able to embrace my identity as an adult baby, and openly admit my diaper fetish, my regression, and my edgier desires related to it.

As I further matured, and began to treat Yin like my lover, and not just my mother, I took an active hand in exploring who and what I could become. I realized I was polyamorous, and a switch. I started to see the joy of ageplay from the Big’s side.

Lao-tzu is right about one more wonderful aspect of Yin, which is that her children never really die either. Inside, I’m still that shy, new hesitant bottom, who treasures each and every smack I get on my backside. Yet at the same time, I’m also that confident, seasoned scene veteran, who can appreciate how great it was to be that guy, and how terrific it is that I’m still giving birth to yet newer, different incarnations of myself.

Because the truth is, when you get yin pregnant, her labor is a labor of love.

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