Can Buddhism Be A Style of Love and D/s?

 Posted by on September 17, 2012
Sep 172012
Can Buddhism Be A Style of Love and D/s?

Self-love and loving in Buddhism takes on various forms both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Recently Tantra has been a new popular sexual lifestyle which has incorporated not only fulfilling sexual urge but has opened new doors to sexual enlightenment towards others and towards self.  Classes, workshops, and retreats have been created around this way of […]

Schrodinger’s Heart

 Posted by on September 21, 2011
Sep 212011

By Graydancer “It’s hard to wait for something you know might never happen, but it’s hard to give up when it’s everything you want.” – SexCigarsBooze, via Twitter Change is hard. It reflects an uncertainty to life that we don’t like. We like to feel like we know what’s going to happen, even when the […]

An Unending Labor… of Love

 Posted by on February 16, 2011
Feb 162011

By Mako Allen

The Tao is divided into two distinct halves, yin and yang. We’ve all seen the yin-yang symbol, the taijitu before. What many people don’t know is that yang is the male half, and one of its meanings is sunlight on the face of a mountain. Yin is the female half, and one of its meanings is the shadow cast in the valley of that same mountain.