Four Levels of Cosmic Orgasm

 Posted by on February 24, 2011
Feb 242011

By T.M. Bernard

“In Tantra, having an orgasm is more than just a physical release of energy from the genitals. It is a full-bodied state of ecstatic energy that runs throughout your entire body.” Luminessa Enjara

Ecstatic sexuality can be traced to many philosophical and spiritual teachings; to far away lands and cultures that are no longer with us; to a time when oral traditions passed on the sacred wisdom of sexual connections. Tantra is one such ancient practice that is growing in popularity as people find themselves yearning for ways to integrate the spiritual and sensual within, and between, partners. It stands to reason that this exploration of the transcendental nature of sexuality touches on all aspects of intimacy, including orgasm.

One of the teachers from whom I’ve learned the most is Luminessa Enjara, a long-time teacher and practitioner of Tantra in the San Francisco bay area. “Orgasm is probably one of the most spiritual and sacred processes available to us as physical beings it is very valuable to realize that there are many different levels that can be attained.” she recently explained. From the familiar to the blissful, this is one way in which she conveys the experience known in tantric circles as the Great Cosmic Orgasm.

First Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a moderate amount of physical satisfaction, but no real spiritual or heart connection. A desire to be held, cuddled and talked to may arise or a desire to be left alone. Your mind can be either talkative or shut-off. During orgasm there are involuntary contractions.

Second Level of Orgasm: At this level there is more physical satisfaction, release and balancing and the beginning of a spiritual and heart connection. There is a desire to give and nurture. This experience can be more meditative. The body is glowing, flushed and tingling.

Third Level of Orgasm: At this level there is much more fulfillment and connection in all aspects of our beings. There is a desire to give, stroke, cuddle and you may find yourself laughing. There is a wonderful camaraderie and joy in being together. You may find yourself moving into a dream state, and then become talkative. The body is humming and vibrating.

Fourth Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a complete fulfillment and merging of all aspects of our beings. You may experience bliss and love for all, an open, pure heart/love-light connection to the Allness of life. You may find cohesion with your partner and a merging of your energies.

Whether, when and how lovers will experience these differing types of orgasms will vary from person to person, and “the alignment and openness between two people making love,” says Luminess. However, even lovers with a limited understanding of ecstatic sex, or those engaged in self-pleasuring, can intuit how healing the experience can be. At the very least, orgasm feels good physically. Realizing that there can be more to it, spiritual and emotional blessings in fact, opens us up to experiencing a deeper consciousness into our relationships.

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