Beyond Black

 Posted by on May 24, 2011
May 242011

By Lucy Lemonade

The kink community can be rather cliquey. Like any proper clique there must be a uniform of choice. Sometimes when I enter a play party I feel overwhelmed in the sea of black leather, latex and rubber. In an outlet where the imagination can run wild, it seems to have one note. Now I love the way rubber molds to the curve of the butt or latex seems to stretch to the limit across the thigh. But what I really love is that unique outfit that makes me want to know more about an individual. Style that makes me think “I want to play with them!”

The individuals who always stand out to me are the ones who have something unique. I have to admit that when I see someone in street clothes I begin to wonder. Did they not know the dress code, is it their first time, or should I be more interested by their lack of leather? Either way I end up focusing my attention longer than I might if they were in the “proper attire.”

I am just beginning to develop my personal style and decide what I want to convey with my outfit choices when I attend a party. I don’t have the funds to afford custom rubber dresses, or the desire to wear leather and latex. I’ve perused clearance racks and glanced at every stitch of black clothing with no real excitement. So I took the time to consider what I really enjoy in clothing. That is when I was drawn back to my favorite style of clothing, retro housewife. Picture Stepford Wives with white gloves, floral dresses and matching heels. You could call me Stepford Kink.

The more I consider this style of clothing, the more enamored I’ve become with the idea. I can easily find beautiful sites with tons of accessories that could easily transition from day to play. I have visions of posing in a pretty dress holding my favorite cane, poised to create a vicious design on some poor sub’s backside. Or perhaps a bright red spatula to offer an excellent spanking, all the time wearing my prim white gloves. My desire is becoming that perfect lady with such a dark side that it no longer needs the color black to display it.

While Stepford Kink may not be your desire, spend some time exploring yourself. If leather and rubber and dark-as-night is your personality, maybe just take a moment before chastising someone in pastels. It is all about taking the time to express yourself through your wardrobe and giving the first impression that you want to give. Don’t feel boxed in by the black leather and if you adore color, go for a teal dress or bright red pants. You can still portray a powerful role in a pink pinafore. Push the limits of a dress code by incorporating accessories and still make it past the door.