5 Ways to Feel Sexy on Your Honeymoon

 Posted by on June 4, 2011
Jun 042011

By lunaKM

The honeymoon. It is a memorable time for the bride and groom to physically celebrate being newly married. But if you are uncomfortable with your body it could be a nightmare. What can you do to help you relax when it comes time to put on your tiny lace and satin nightie and be with your new spouse? Let me give you a few tips.

By the time you read this article, I’ll be on my own honeymoon. Trust me, there will be a lot of times where I’ll have to be comfortable in my skin because that’s all I’ll be wearing. Whether you have a few extra pounds or are quite overweight (like me) these tips should help you feel a bit sexier during your honeymoon where sex is most likely on the table, the bed, the floor, and everywhere else.

1. Dress to the nines. Wear your sexy lingerie, do your hair and makeup. Get your nails done and moisturize your body before you get naked. Feeling beautiful is a process. Think about how confident you feel when your hair is just right, or makeup looks perfect and you feel feminine. Your skin will be touchably soft and you’ll smell oh so good.

2. Set the mood. Soft lighting is flattering, and when people feel more attractive, it boosts the sexy vibe. It shadows blemishes, creates a healthy glow to otherwise pasty white skin and gives everyone a more sultry appearance. Light the candles and turn the overhead lights off. Turn music on that you both enjoy and relax with champagne. Shut off all phones, computers and the TV. You want to connect with each other, not the world.

3. Take it slow. This first union after saying “I Do” is special and worth savoring every moment. Explore your partner’s body as if it’s the first time you are touching them. Spend a lot of time on foreplay and kissing to really drive your heat and you’ll be begging him to touch you all over in no time. The rest of the honeymoon can be for all the wanton lust but make this one moment memorable.

4. Add a touch of red. Experts say that red is an arousing color and will get people’s blood pumping. It is the color of passion and lust. Use red rose petals on the bed, flowers in a vase, red lipstick, or make your lingerie pick red.

5. Wear heels. There’s something about a little lift that makes you feel sexier. They don’t have to be high heels, just 2 inches will do the trick. It will lift your butt and shape your calves. You’ll walk with a sway, your hips will swish and you’ll begin to feel sexy. You may even be asked to wear them to bed… with nothing else on!

Whatever you do for your honeymoon you can feel sexy and celebrate your new path in life, one you travel together. Keep it hot under the sheets and you’ll find that your discomfort with your body will dissolve in no time. Your honeymoon is all about union and enjoying each other’s bodies and shared joy. Bring sexy with you!