Seeing a Desirable Me

 Posted by on April 21, 2013
Apr 212013
Seeing a Desirable Me

By lunaKM

From an early age, I would look into the mirror and see only the things I wish I could change; from the dimple in my chin, my growing belly and fat arms to my round face, huge jiggly ass. Then I didn’t realize that some men would prize these very flaws that I wanted to rid myself of. Seeing me through their eyes has been an amazing experience.

I Do Not Want to Have “Fat Sex”

 Posted by on September 11, 2011
Sep 112011

By AliceSin Aerie People who are experts in what has been dubbed “Fat Sex” want fat people to be treated with kindness and respect for their body in regards to sex. I think that is commendable. I also think it is myopic. I am a great many things. In the list of titles and attributes […]

Learning about Fat Sex: Foreplay

 Posted by on September 7, 2011
Sep 072011

By lunaKM Foreplay. It is what we do to arouse ourselves and our partners before sex. We all have different things we enjoy for foreplay and the time we like to spend on foreplay before sex. Having sex with an overweight partner is about awareness as well as passion. You want to make sure that […]

The Big Fat Four Letter Word: Diet

 Posted by on July 3, 2011
Jul 032011

By lunaKM

As children we learn that there are bad words but the worst of them are four-letter words. We’ll hiss and point and swear to tattle on anyone you catch saying those four-letter words but still you might whisper it under your breath just to see what bad juju it might have.

The Face of a Fat Bride

 Posted by on May 8, 2011
May 082011

By lunaKM

No one has ever told me that I will make a beautiful bride. I’ve never heard the words “stunning” in reference to me in my wedding dress. It’s always been pretty or slimming or simple. Yet I know that I will be the most beautiful bride for my future husband, because he has chosen me.

Mar 012011

By lunaKM

Since moving last summer I’ve had to find new places to get my hair done, where to get my groceries and my favorite spots to eat. One thing I haven’t found yet is a doctor. I dread looking for a new primary physician. Ever since I was a teen

Feb 032011

By lunaKM

Chubby, chunky, curvy, rubenesque, round, plump, buxum, zaftig, plus-sized, bbw (big beautiful woman), ssbbw (super-sized big beautiful woman) and many more….

Why is it that when a woman is fat, they all of a sudden have all these descriptive labels they can slap on that fat?

Fat Acceptance Begins With You

 Posted by on January 22, 2011
Jan 222011

By lunaKM

Fat isn’t just a physical attribute; it’s an identity. Fat people tend to do two things when it comes to their appearance. The either let the fat define them, or they start defining what fat should be. When I realized that fat was going to be with me for the long haul I had to make that decision