Becoming Badass

 Posted by on December 7, 2012
Dec 072012
Becoming Badass

There’s something of a crisis of celebrity in kink world.  There just aren’t enough superstars for us to look up to.  This is completely opposite of what we hear about mainstream society, where celebrity worship is blamed for the downfall of society on a regular basis.  Kink-dom does have a few who qualify for name-in-lights […]

I Do Not Want to Have “Fat Sex”

 Posted by on September 11, 2011
Sep 112011

By AliceSin Aerie People who are experts in what has been dubbed “Fat Sex” want fat people to be treated with kindness and respect for their body in regards to sex. I think that is commendable. I also think it is myopic. I am a great many things. In the list of titles and attributes […]

The Face of a Fat Bride

 Posted by on May 8, 2011
May 082011

By lunaKM

No one has ever told me that I will make a beautiful bride. I’ve never heard the words “stunning” in reference to me in my wedding dress. It’s always been pretty or slimming or simple. Yet I know that I will be the most beautiful bride for my future husband, because he has chosen me.

Feb 032011

By lunaKM

Chubby, chunky, curvy, rubenesque, round, plump, buxum, zaftig, plus-sized, bbw (big beautiful woman), ssbbw (super-sized big beautiful woman) and many more….

Why is it that when a woman is fat, they all of a sudden have all these descriptive labels they can slap on that fat?

No Is an Acceptable Answer

 Posted by on September 9, 2010
Sep 092010

By AliceSin Aerie

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and of course – even just a little of a bad thing is way too much. One of the simplest but hardest to master skills in life is the utterance of the magic word “no.” While your kinky life may often offer you a respite from your everyday life or may even come to replace that life – never has a skill been more important!