Fashion Inspiration at a Glance

 Posted by on June 30, 2011
Jun 302011

By Nina Love

One of the problems that I’ve encountered since joining the wonderful world we call the “scene” is that it is increasingly hard to stand out in room full of perverts. Getting ready for a CON can be an overwhelming endeavor. I can take the easy way out: throw on the over-priced, mass produced PVC dress from Lip Service, match them with the Devious boots that half of the people at the party have in their closet and head out the door. But then I’d be – well, I’d be just like everyone else. Of course your experiences may differ, but for me being an active member of the kink community is not about being just like everyone else. It’s about being me and expressing it.

I’m often envious – even outright jealous – of the brilliant, creative ideas developed by – well what seems like just about everyone but me. However, contrary to popular belief, most creative geniuses are not artistic masterminds. They are geniuses because of their ability to take advantage of the resources that they have available to them. One of my most valuable resources is the brilliant work of other people. I’m not talking about imitation, but rather *emulation and inspiration.

Since entering the scene I’ve been finding inspiration and the resources to pull off my inspired vision just about everywhere: other people’s outfits, mainstream television and magazines, porn, art, nature, even the grocery store. I began by ripping pages out of magazines and taping them to the wall, jotting down references on sticky notes and bookmarking web pages. The problem – oh so obvious now -was that I could either not find right the sticky notes when I needed it and that I never ….ever….looked at the inspiration ideas taped to the wall or bookmarked on my laptop. My problem – again, now painfully obvious – was lack of organization. Here’s what I used to get organized:

1. A *binder* (bold): It can be anything that allows you to move stuff around as you find it and add more resources and ideas. I prefer a binder that has a clear pocket on the outside front so I can add my favorite inspirational clip or one that comes pre-decorated in something that cries out, “open me!!”

2. Top loading sheet protectors to keep your inspirational clips and photos in.

3. Binder dividers: I added these much later in my inspiration collecting days, but have found them oh so important in finding the things that I am looking for at that moment. I break it down into:

  • Inspiration: In my binder, I broke this down into sub-divisions that included hair, makeup, apparel, accessories, etc). You can also break it down into categories that meet your needs, like: “Femme, Butch, or Costumes.”
  • Resources: your favorite places to shop
  • Me: this is where I put photos of outfits that I’ve pulled off well.
  • My closet: this is where I put photos of things that I have in my closet but I don’t use on regular basis and are kept in boxes – like tiaras, gloves, masks, etc.
  • Everything else

Find a method of organization that works for you. This is what works for me. The important thing is that you find a method, adapt it over time to meet your needs and – oh yeah – use it. Allow yourself the opportunity to play and create fashion ideas before the night of the event. I often use Sunday to play in my closet, sew, visit thrift stores or try new makeup ideas. Lastly, remember that you don’t have to be a creative genius to look like one.

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