Jul 282011

By Jay Morgan

The dance floor was filled with pumping legs, gyrating hips, short spandex skirts, and high heels. Booths and tables were littered with an array of couples; some young, some obviously in the “looking to spice things up” phase of their relationship.

Sitting on a bar stool next to my life partner, Georgia, we sipped our drinks casually. The music pelted a deep, throbbing beat from the jukebox, a husky voiced Latin singer ruminating about a lost love. As we observed the other patrons, we continued a perennial conversation; guessing which couples might be kinky, and which couples were on the brink of a breakup.

Just like every bar, Georgia gets a lot of head turns, and glances from the guys, and girls. We noticed that too many were stealing glances without their wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend noticing.

All too often kinky, sex positive, or swinger folks seem to think everyone they meet is comfortable about talking about sex and sexuality. It is kind of like when one is under the influence of mushrooms; everyone you meet is experiencing the same mind bending hallucinations.

This is a scenario I have encountered several times when Georgia and I are out having drinks with friends. We are, to say modestly, run of the mill attractive people. Not model good looking of course, but height-weight proportional, and we have all our teeth. When the liquor flows, the people around us loosen up, and we notice the leers, the stares, and the passive aggressive touching.

The unspoken rules of etiquette at a bar or social setting are inverse to the spoken and widely acknowledged rules at a kink event. Touching without asking is frowned upon at a bar, however. Sometimes even speaking to another person will start a fight between two drunken fools, or jealousy will fester like a cold sore between a couple.

Georgia and I had an experience recently that demonstrated this. A guy was dancing with Georgia and copped a feel. Georgia was amused and steered the situation well. That same night, girls were pawing at her and telling how hot she is, and how lovely her legs are.

As we mingled with our friends, we wanted to scream out to them. “Its okay to appreciate a hot body from afar, but be honest about it”

Georgia and I enjoy being appreciated, and we like to flirt. But it does not mean we are wanting to take that person home, tie them up, and dive deep into the furried delights between a lovely lady’s legs.

The mystery of not having an intimate encounter with that person is more of a turn on than actually doing anything more with them.

I made the remark that there needs to be some sort of superhero who can appear at times like this and let people know how to handle situations where sex and alcohol become a destructive mixture.

How many fights could be prevented if there were?

Imagine a masked superhero appearing in a cloud of smoke, cape fluttering amongst the crescendo of baritones. Slapping away the tension and replacing their drinks with condom-sense. Perhaps this is a job for a dynamic duo of sex positive perception.

Anyone got a cape?

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