How Rope Helps Me Love My Curves

 Posted by on March 30, 2013
Mar 302013
How Rope Helps Me Love My Curves

I’m considering a new Dominant these days, and he’s a fan of rope bondage. He’s converting me into a rope bunny, one body harness at a time. He has several bundles of rope dedicated specifically to use with me, and he’ll tell me in advance about the knots he’s studying. When we finally meet, we’re […]

Jul 282011

By Jay Morgan

The dance floor was filled with pumping legs, gyrating hips, short spandex skirts, and high heels. Booths and tables were littered with an array of couples; some young, some obviously in the “looking to spice things up” phase of their relationship.

Agley Play

 Posted by on July 22, 2011
Jul 222011

By Graydancer

At the recent Fusion event put on by Dark Odyssey, I was to do a demonstration for a class of how to do a slow, hot, sexy rope scene. Because, after all, I’m totally qualified to show others how it’s done, right? (“Bris is the name, Hugh Bris”).