Dressing for your body type: The Rectangle

 Posted by on August 29, 2011
Aug 292011

By Nina Love

Choosing the right clothing is an ongoing challenge. Most of us feel the pressure to fit in while standing apart. It’s an age old double edge sword. And in our little world the expectations are even higher. There are countless articles, blogs and rants about appropriate fetish attire. And ongoing snarky comments about so-and-so wearing such-and-such when their body is obviously not made for this-and-that outfit. But, how does one know exactly what to wear for their body type? Believe it or not, it’s a little easier than you might think and there is indeed a formula to follow. Let’s take a look at the “Rectangle.”

Are your shoulders and hips about the same size? Do you feel like you have no waistline? Or, is your waistline larger than your hips and shoulders? If this is you, then you fall into the “Rectangle” family of body types. There are several types of rectangles, but what it comes down to is that you face some unique challenges:

· a boyish shape and lack of feminine curves

· no hips or a flat butt

· look or feel heavier than your actual weight and

· you have a brick or even an oval or round shape

Fear not my kinky friends, you are not destined to be stuck in the box that the fashion community calls a rectangle. The hardest thing that you will have to do is throw away the pencil skirt and disregard what you think you know about your fetish wardrobe. Concentrating on what looks good on your body and not what the community says your fetish wardrobe should look like is the goal to dressing for your body type. Next time you’re tearing through your closet trying to find that perfect outfit, remember these ten tips on what to wear and what to avoid:

1. Say yes to the corset! Items that cinch in the middle like belts, sashes and corsets work well at drawing attention to the waist line. The princess cut is the most effective at creating curves.

2. Ditch the secretary skirt and make the circle or gored skirt a regular part of your kink wardrobe. These skirts create movement and the illusion of a fuller bottom and a smaller waist.

3. When looking for a more formal look avoid the full length, tiered ball gown skirt that covers your legs. Instead try the full length boot cut or a-line skirt. A full length duster that cinches in the middle is also flattering and appropriate.

4. Express your commitment with something other than a substantial collar or choker that adds bulk to your neckline. Instead try a lock (or key) on a longer chain that draws attention down your center. Bangle bracelets or cuffs are flattering and chandelier earrings – like those miniature floggers or handcuffs – are also flattering and draw attention to the face. Try miniature top hats or feathered headbands for an added touch of flair without adding bulk to your frame.

5. Your shoe selection does matter. Avoid ankle straps and knee high boots that square off your shape instead of creating curves. Pointed toes and sling backs are more effective.

6. Select garments that create direction away from the shoulders and toward the waist. Peasant tops or tops with a drop waist create the illusion of a wider hip line – which results in the a narrower waist line. Princess seams – which are probably most noticeable in corsets but can be found in everything from tee shirts to button up blouses – are super effective at creating a slimmer waistline.

7. Look for the empire or A-line silhouette. A baby doll negligee or empire dress is form fitting just below the bust and flares out.

8. Pay attention to your neckline. Off the shoulder or V-neck necklines that balance out your silhouette are flattering. Try scoop neck instead of crew neck tee shirts. And, avoid sleeveless tops that have high necks and create the image of a rectangle.

Next time: The Pear.